Sellers are responsible for shipping orders within 5 days of receiving payment.

Sellers are responsible to ship orders via a trackable shipping method with an expected delivery time of less than or equal to 14 days from the date of shipment.

Sellers are not responsible for any delays due to customs or any duties/taxes that may be charged by the courier.

Prices shown on the shoe snob buy & sell display the price including shipping and taxes that may be charged by the seller. They do not include taxes, duty, or brokerage charge that may be charged by the courier upon delivery. These taxes, duty and broerage charges are the responsibiliy of the buyer. 

Customer is responsible for any re-shipping costs due to non delivery.

All payments must be processed through the shoe snob buy & sell. offsite paypal payments are not permitted and can result in your account being disabled. If the buyer & seller agree to a special price please use the "send offer" feature on the messaing page. The offer must be presented in the vendor currency. 




Please contact the seller via private message to initiate a return.

Returns are only accepted if the seller has chosen to accept returns on their original product listing.

Return's must be requested within 14 day of receiving the product.

Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer.

Orders will be refunded in full minus the original shipping cost. Seller reserves the right to refuse a return based on condition of product.

Please use a carpeted surface to try on shoes and walk softly to minimize creasing in the leather.




All products ordered on The Shoe Snob Buy & Sell are a transaction between the buyer and seller. The Shoe Snob Buy & Sell is not responsible for any disputes concerning these transactions. If the buyer and seller cannot resolve a dispute then we request the buyer to file a dispute with paypal and to contact The Shoe Snob Buy & Sell with details of the dispute.

Please confirm with seller if there are any questions about sizing. We have grouped EU / US / UK sizing together for ease of filtering but this is not 100% accurate.

Example 1 -  Gaziano & Girling shoes are technically “UK sized” so a size 9 G&G shoe would be listed as 9 UK / 10 US / 43 EU. However this will actually fit more like a 9.5 US / 42.5 EU shoe.

Example 2 - Vass shoes are technically “EU sized” so a size 43 Vass F Last shoe and a size 43 Vass K Last shoe would both be listed as 9 UK / 10 US / 43 EU. However the Vass K last size 43 will fit more like a 8.5 UK / 9.5 US and a Vass F last size 43 which will fit like a 9 UK / 10 US.

We request that all our sellers choose the size that is actually marked on the box / shoe in the sizing system (EU vs US vs UK) that the brand is most commonly associated with.

The Shoe Snob Buy & Sell charges a 5% commission to the seller on any sales. This commission will automatically be pulled from the sellers paypal account after a purchase is made. Note that these commission rates do not include paypal fees that will be deducted from the sale price. 

Paypal fee's can range from 3% - 5% depending on the country that the buyer and seller's paypal accounts are registered.

Orders that are refunded or cancelled are eligible for 90% of the commission to be refunded. Please contact us to process this refund.

All payments must be processed through the shoe snob buy & sell. offsite paypal payments are not permitted and can result in your account being disabled. 




1. Go to my account and edit profile. From here ensure that you have chosen a default currency. This is the currency that your customers will pay with.

2. Go to my account and connect to paypal. From here please log into paypal, select a funding source and accept the billing agreement. Your paypal account will only be charged our commission if you make a sale on The Shoe Snob Buy & Sell. You must have a paypal business account to accept payments. 

3. Go to my account and settings. From here you can select your shipping cost per shipment. You can select a cost to each continent and click the + button to open up a list of all other countries within that continent. From here you can change the shipping cost for some countries within each continent. The checkmark next to each country or continent makes your products eligible to be sent to these locations. You can check or uncheck any country or continent.

4. On the same settings page there is another tab for tax settings which are optional. You can choose to activate the tax settings, select if you want to add this tax amount to the shipping cost (if left unchecked the tax will only be applied to the base price), and adjust tax settings to your preference. 

Thats it!, now you are ready to sell. Go to my account and sell to add your first listing.




Go to my account, messages. Send a message to the buyer with a tracking number.

Go to my account, sold. Change the status of your item to shipped.